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NOVI - CNPJ: 30.377.079/0001-35 - Av. Duque de Caxias, 233 | Guaíba | RS

contato.novi@gmail.com -  Telefone: +55 (51) 995 550 212

The main inspiration for creating Novi was Stanley Kubrick's "2001: A Space Odyssey". The richness of references and the sensitivity of history inspired us to create the brand.


Among its many possible interpretations, one of the most striking ones is the role of the monolith in history. Appearing in 3 moments in the film, the monolith functions as a driver of evolution, leading man to the connection with the Earth, the universe and with himself.

Our first collection is inspired by these three moments and each one of them is a subpart of the collection.

Aurora I is the first part launched and seeks our reconnection with the planet Earth, already long lost. It is made by embedding real flowers in crystal resin. With it, we intend for our pendants to be used as monoliths, generating attachment not to the object, but to its meaning - we belong to this world just like the flower there eternalized.

Discovery I is our second collection. Inspired by the chapter "Jupiter Mission" the collection was released the eve of the 50th anniversary of the man's arrival on the Moon and was named Discovery because in the film this is the name of the spacecraft that takes the astronauts to the next destination after the conquest of Earth's natural satellite: Jupiter. Discovery also refers to the discovery of the forms that the pieces of the collection can form. Because it is composed of modular pieces, which can be mixed and joined in different ways, the possibility of creations is more than 200 thousand options.

Beyond the Infinity ends the cycle, having as main inspiration the human being. Here, the pieces are unique, created exclusively for each of the clients, who can choose size and curvatures so that a brand new piece can be produced and shipped.

"Someone has said that the present man is the missing link between the apes and the civilized man. One can say that this is the history of 2001, too. We are semi-civilized, capable of cooperation and affection, but needing somehow of transfiguration into a higher form of life.Now that we have reached the power to exterminate all life on earth, it will take more than cooperation and planning to avoid some catastrophe.The problem exists while potential exists, and the problem is essentially moral and spiritual."


Stanley Kubrick